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How to Cool Your Wankel

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  • How to Cool Your Wankel

    Hello everyone! Maybe this is a longshot, but it's worth trying.

    Some years ago, Paul Lamar wrote a comprehensive book about cooling rotary engines for aircraft use, aptly named "How to Cool Your Wankel". I attached a picture of the cover, in case someone doesn't know about this book.

    The question is that I wanted to buy the book because I'd like to learn more about cooling rotary engines. However, the book is discontinued and I can't buy it anywhere, neither in Mazdatrix nor in Aircraft Spruce. Are there plans on either making a new physical edition of the book or, alternatively, releasing it as a PDF archive?

    Thank you for reading me and I hope to get a reply soon!
    Cover of the book "How to Cool Your Wankel", written by Paul Lamar. The cover image shows a view of a rotary engine with the rotor inside the combustion chamber and the side plate. Both intake and exhaust ports are visible, though partly covered by the rotor.‚Äč

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    Hi Galician Fighter,

    should have a scan / PDF of this book. If you have an e-mail address, I could send it. Will "publish" it on, too. May be, next week. Perhaps ;-)

    Best regards

    ([email protected])


    • GalicianFighter
      GalicianFighter commented
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      Thank you, Frank! I thought it'd be a big longshot, but seems like I was lucky.

      My email is [email protected]. Send it as soon as you can, please.