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The original ACRE email archive

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  • The original ACRE email archive

    Hello Aviation Rotorheads:

    Since Paul Jr. created this new forum about a year ago, I have been thinking about how to convert Paul Sr.'s old email list content into an organized, searchable database in this new forum format.

    I saved almost all of Paul's Rotary List email to folders in Netscape Navigator, the same email program Paul was using at the time. I've since learned that the old Netscape Navigator program survives to this day as the Thunderbird email program. So I downloaded that application and transferred all the email files from an old Pentium II machine to my Win10 laptop. The files date from when I first joined Paul's list in late December 1998 until the last email I have saved dated 11-14-2019.

    I'm thinking the files should be organized by year and month, and then by topic. I posted the first few emails that I have from December 1998 as an Article. Let me hear your ideas about how to best upload this material.

    Perry Mick

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    Hi Perry,
    It's good to hear from you. I, also, have a Thunderbird archive folder of the email text files and all the image files. It is on the HD of a computer that died and was set aside for lack of time to work on it.

    Paul also published a CD ROM with all the files until it became too big to fit on a single CD. Someone may have one of those.

    I think the first task would be to develop a macro to scan the text for the repeated paragraphs and remove them. Then, the emails under a particular title could be concatenated to form a single "article".

    Aubrey Thompson


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      I would be awesome to have access to that information. I only have bits and pieces of saved material from my time on the newsletter and it’s not enough. Your efforts would be greatly appreciated!


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        At least temporarily, the original email list will be uploaded to this URL. If it changes in the future I will post it here.


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          If you haven't already done it, it might be useful to do whatever it takes to allow Google's 'Wayback Machine' (internet archive) to crawl the entire site including all the attachments (photos, documents, etc). If all the attachments are accessible within that one location, everything will get preserved. There have been numerous valuable sites that *didn't* allow Google to archive them, that are now lost because the owner let them lapse.


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            I pulled down everything that was available. There were only a few missing images. I reposted it here:


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              Thank you gentlemen for pulling that together. Greatly appreciated. Just purchased a BD-4 unfinished kit that will be converted to a current model C and
              also purchased a 13B Turbo project to hang on the nose!