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 Aviation Specific 13B/20B Mazda Front Side Housing

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  •  Aviation Specific 13B/20B Mazda Front Side Housing

    I am in contact with a person with the design and manufacturing capability to produce an Aviation Specific 13B/20B Mazda Front Side Housing machined from 7075-T6 with mount points that would allow these engines

    to be a bolt in to the engine mount ring (30 degree number 1 Dyna) as used by the "Vans" RV-10 and other aircraft that use the Lycoming O/IO 540 engine..........This side plate is in the preliminary design stage and at this

    point I am a go between to see if there would be any interest in this product if and when it is
    produced...........I personally am interested this side plate........As we on this forum know both the 13B / 20B are capable of truly

    amazing power levels both naturally aspirated and turbo boosted.........The 20B would make the Van's RV-10 , Glasair 3 or Lancair's that use the Lycoming O/IO 540 an easy 300+ hp almost bolt in engine...........

    The "Reno" Sport Class "Glasairs" and Lancairs" are producing almost 400 mph speeds using dual turbo Lycoming IO-550 engines that are virtual hand grenades pulling over 700 hp...........There are turbo 20B's pulling

    1200 hp out in the auto racing world with good reliability..........A 20B boosted to 700+ hp is not even breathing hard.........IMHO

    Would like to hear what interest there may be in this product if and when it may be produced............Or any comments pro or con..............

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    It would be a very good idea to incorporate the replacable cast iron inserts, like the Aussies. Maybe one of the sellers would sell you just the plates. I know that MazdaTrix is selling those types of billet end plates.


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      Not sure 7075 Alloy is best at temperature & Engine conditions IIRC.
      Although it machines somewhat better than 2000 series Aluminium.

      If they've the capacity to Nickel layer the side plates, that'd be great.
      Not knowing a lot about these, would it be feasible to make plates
      Universal, in the sense they could be used Front/Back, or IDK not.

      Not sure the power matters a lot, just so long as the oil doesn't pass
      by the side seals, burning oil to blue smoke, as some prototypes did.



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        I would expect that the cast iron inserts sold with aluminum end plates, would be nitride. The idea of designing end plates with dynafocal mounts would only benefit a rotary install into a certified airframe. We are mostly interested of install into homebuilt, so the design can be different. The Superlight design from PowerTech (Steve Beckman) has similar mounting front and rear.