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  • Respect for Paul

    The news letter abruptly stopped. I've been following Paul for years. I suspected, but didn't want to go there. When I started building my airplane, I was looking for an alternative powerplant. After looking at the auto conversions, the rotary just made sense. Paul was an engineer, a visionary, a Prophet. I met Paul at my Hangar in Howell Michigan. We talked about the engine, some side notes, and shared a pizza together with my wife. Godspeed Paul. You have a legacy we will aspire to complete!

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    I can do nothing but second your statements. I was never fortunate enough to meet Paul in person but had several electronic interactions with him. A no nonsense guy. I think that the best way to honour his legacy is (to keep/ to start) building rotary powered aircraft and other machines. I offer my condolances and deepest sympathy to the family and friends.


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      I am sorry to hear of Paul's passing. I would love to see a Lamar Engine be certified and have PMA etc. Imagine being able to replace every 360 cid through 700+ cid horizontally opposed piston engine with one that doesn't care if you have TEL in the gas or not. And be turbo-normalized to at least 16,000 MSL.