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    Good morning Paul
    I am a great friend of your father and i did work on gearbox which i do have a prototype.
    I am 77 years old and build several velocity in the past.
    I am at the time to take some retierement of this project and i am selling all my rotary engines and parts plus the gearbox at a very sacrificed priced if you know some one who can be interested it will be a very good deal, i am located in Pompano Beach Fl.
    Reference: search for: N274JP

    2830 NW 1ST AVENUE

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    Do you have a Crook PSRU? I am also looking for manifolds and other engine related hardware.


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      If memory serves, Jean developed his own gearbox. I remember many conversations between Jean and Paul Sr. Paul Sr may have even visited Jean. Hopefully Jean will comment

      Steve C


      • Otter805
        Otter805 commented
        Editing a comment
        Actually I posted this on behalf of Jean ... a better idea would be to call him directly ...

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      I recently stumbled upon this post and gave Jean a call at the listed number there. Nice guy, he informed me that he donated everything he had (some engines and the prototype gearbox) to a fellow who showed up with a truck and took it all. Jean could not remember the name of the individual that it went too.

      I reached out as I have a growing interest in tinkering with some custom end plates & gear box ideas. In light of the great deal that [whoever you are] received - if you find this post, would you mind uploading a few good, detailed photos of the design?

      Will be much appreciated!


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        I have a Firewall forward Mazda 13B Rotary (RX-7) Aircraft engine conversion by Tracy Crook for sale. Currently complete and flying in a KIS TR-4 (Pulsar). Includes engine mount, PSRU, Composite Prop, oil cooler, custom radiators, intake and exhaust. Also included are the EC2 EFI/ Ignition Controller, EM2 Engine Monitor, EIS Engine Information System and all associated sensors and wiring. Engine installation and test data is available. Currently at 260 hours total time but flying regularly. $10,000. Glenn. [email][email protected][/email].